Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hello there...

Well, this is my blog. I figured I may as well make one, to organize my thoughts and to write down my daily life or so. I am certain a good many of you will simply not care, but at least a few may be interested in the rantings of a writer with too much in his mind.

When I'm not asleep, I am usually writing, be it roleplay or freeform. I enjoy lurking in writer's forums, and just about anywhere else. Occasionally I'll post a few aspects of interest to me, mostly I'll just write random things that may or may not be useless, depending on what your interest is. I'll also post and review some less-known games, things that touch the inner spirit within us.

I spend my time asleep, mostly. You see, my dreams are fairly real- in fact, a little more real that I see reality as real. I'll write my dreams here from time to time...

I'm a little tired now, I think I will soon rest...



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